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Multi-core processor targets compute-intensive functional safety applications

Imagination Technologies has rolled out a high-performance, multi-threaded MIPS CPU IP, driving MIPS cores further into automotive and industrial Read More


A summer immersion program in the Bay area for girls who want to code

Girls Who Code kicked off its 2017 Summer Immersion Program in the Bay area in partnership with Adobe and the Adobe Foundation, Amazon, Autodesk, Read More


EU restrictions impacts medical devices

New RoHS 2 restrictions will trigger next month, and many products, including many medical devices, monitoring and control instruments, and all pipe Read More


Linux runtime burrows into IoT

Amazon rolled out Greengrass, a Linux runtime for running AWS services on GHz-class embedded processors in the Internet of Things. Read More


Antenna glut challenges autonomous vehicle design

How many antennas does it take to screw autonomy into a car? In the emerging era of highly automated vehicles, as many as 18 antennas are needed to Read More


A view to an augmented world

Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, and Epson, along with basement startups, were among hundreds of exhibitors showing products for augmented reality. Read More


Open source takes the wheel

2018 Camry will be Toyota's first vehicle running Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) software on its infotainment system. The endorsement is a much-needed Read More


ARM beefs up cores for AI-enabled IoT devices

Two new application processor cores introduced as part of an ambitious goal to accelerate AI adoption and get an ARM processor core into every IoT Read More


How big data is influencing processor architectures

Two new processor architectures will be described at a conference in June, the latest of many targeting machine learning for an age of big data. Read More


Data flow issues may slow down robo-car emergence

Car companies rarely discuss behind-the-scene development work on their autonomous vehicles. The notable exception is Intel, which styles itself as a Read More


Will autos carry heavy loads of memory?

For a highly automated car in, say, 2020, how much memory capacity, to capture, process and store data, will be enough? An industry consensus is this Read More


Sponsored: Arrow launches free overnight shipment for all products in stock

$20 of components automatically qualifies for free overnight shipping. Read More


IoT security initiative plans trusted platform

The initiative will combine Microsoft Azure IoT cloud with Micron's Authenta technology to address the major challenge of providing trusted computing Read More


NXP and Amazon team up on Alexa integration

NXP Semiconductors has partnered with Amazon to make Alexa voice-recognition hardware and software available as a reference design for integration Read More


Amazon finds its voice for developers

Amazon released its Lex service to enable apps with speech recognition as several OEMs are ramping up systems using embedded voice services. Read More


Robo-cars still facing bumpy ride

It's time to separate the science-project robotic car from the commercially viable autonomous vehicle that carmakers need but don't have. Here are Read More


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